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How to make sure your winter outdoor wedding is 🔥

A winter wedding doesn’t have to be a chilly affair. Whether you’re inside at a fully heated venue, or outside in your marquee, there are many ways to make sure that the cold doesn’t bring your celebration down. 

One of the appeals of winter weddings is an added sense of romance and gothic charm, so play around with what drew you to the winter in the first place. Bring in all the classic touches of a winter event — warming drinks like mulled wine and cider, decorative touches like furs and berries, and social areas for keeping warm and catching up — like wood fires, fireplaces or stoves.

When you’re planning an outdoor wedding in the winter season, there are plenty of ways to celebrate the outdoors without letting the temperature dominate. Our handy guide below highlights some of the features of marquees and tipis that keep you toasty in your natural habitat. 

  • Stay Warm

  • Stay Protected

  • Be Creative

Entrances and Sidewalls

Fires and Heating

Inviting Inside Areas

Welcoming Winter

Following these handy hints will keep your marquee winter wedding hot to trot.

Heating, heating, heating

Tents and marquees can be heated using indirect space heaters -- they come in many sizes, so make sure the heater you order is the right size for your structure. You'll also need enough fuel for the whole time you'll be using it. Ask your supplier for more info.

Plan your entrances

Marquees have a wide variety of entrances -- you'll want to keep as much heat in the tent as possible, so your entrances and sidewalls should be installed and kept closed. Use porches and doors, where possible, to minimise the opening and closing of your structure.

Minimise time outside

The colder people get, the less inclined they'll be to stick around. Make sure that your pathways and routes around the site are as short as possible -- install toilets close to your marquee, and your structure close to your entrance point. They'll find it easier to be where the action and heat is.

Create social areas inside

The other side of minimising time outside is maximising the appeal of inside areas, where they'll be the warmest and most comfortable. Fires are a great place for people to gather, where guests can stay warm and cosy, and get all the winter feels.

Go big with your bar

A great way to create a focal point inside your marquee is to create a larger bar structure. It's a way for you to socialise with your guests, to draw people in and to keep people warm. Make sure your bar area features space to mingle or sit. Is there space for your guests to mingle at the bar with reception drinks before sitting for dinner?

Enhance your winter theme

People love to celebrate winter at events during the season. They will respond to all the nods to winter socialising that you find in your favourite bars and christmas markets. Don't be afraid to play up the romance and cosiness of winter with your styling and your food and drink choices. It's more memorable that way.