For last minute weather changes

Booking an onsite crew members allows you make last minute changes with panels on the tent. Or depending on the structure completely change a configuration on the day. They are also there to deal with unexpected turns in the weather plus being nice useful chaps all-round.

Keep the home fires burning

Wood fires topped up, heaters blowing, generator fuel level checked. An onsite crew member is there to worry about the stuff that you shouldn’t need to at your big event

There for you

On the day there’s plenty to worry about but heaters and generators shouldn’t be one of them. Our onsite crew are there to do just that. Working a 10 hour shift they normally cover the most important parts of your day. They nip issues in the bud before they even begin so your event should run without a hitch.

Tent Configuration

Immediate response to bad weather situations
Opening and closing panels
Lifting and closing beams on tent

Generators and Distro

Generator Fuel Level
Power distribution changes
Helping entertainment install equipment
Catering tent power changes

Heating and lighting

Keeping fires topped up with wood
Checking heater/turning on when needed
Changing lighting setup
Turning disco lights on and off