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The Couple:

Laura & Camilla


The Location:

The beach and Ardfern Motorhome Park, Argyll


The Setup:

Three Tipi Custom Package


The Style:

Post-tradition, community centric festival!

What did we love about Camilla & Laura’s wedding?

Having made their Argyll community the centre of their wedding, Laura & Camilla skilfully involved all of their friends, family members and neighbours in the running of the wedding! Focussed on creating an event that really represented them, they had a dear friend, and humanist, officiate their ceremony, Camilla’s dad built a stage, and friends brought food, provided the bar or helped with decorating or cleaning!

Their 3 Tipi custom package created a central point for eating around the reclaimed tables, a space to relax and catch up, whilst the beautiful location saw dancing and singing outside, surrounded by knicker bunting! We heard that this was one of the best weddings the guests have ever been to, and it’s not hard too see why!


Reclaimed tables and benches
Porch entrance kit

 All photos used with kind permission of featured couple, and photographer. All rights reserved.

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