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The Couple:

Zoe & Michal


The Location:

House on the Brooks


The Setup:

Two Tipi Middle Package + Bell Tent Village


The Style:

Slovakian Festival Fusion!



Photography By Vicki

What did we love about Zoe & Michal’s wedding?

Z & M chose to entirely DIY their whole wedding, with the help of their family and friends. With tipis, a non-traditional ceremony (no seating plans, no celebrant, no set timings), lots of colour, and family and friends from every single part of the world helping out, their wedding was awesome on so many levels. Everyone helped to make the food which waited patiently in slow cookers at the back of the tipi for everyone to nourish their souls as and when they felt the need – the freedom to eat whenever you wish, to sit wherever you want to, and to stay overnight if you desire, made their wedding the creme-de-la-creme of alternatives setups, and we are in love with it. Whilst we can talk you through all their bits and pieces, we truly believe that this is one wedding best seen to be believed!

Thanks for being a hugely creative and badass couple, and for letting us be a part of a wedding we will never forget!


Reclaimed table and benches, with some chairs for the older members
Fire pit
Large Dance Floor
Large Mirror Ball
Timber Bar 6ft
Festoon Lit Entrance Walkway

 All photos used with kind permission of featured couples. All rights reserved.

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