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The Couple:

Sophie & Tim


The Location:



The Setup:

Three Tipi Custom Package


The Style:

Cambridge Countryside Meets Beer Festival

What did we love about Sophie & Tim’s wedding?

Rather than a Do It Yourself wedding, S & T’s dream was a Make It Yourself ‘do! With a huge focus on making their food and drinks, as well as sustainability and craftyness, they truly took the idea the extra mile: Home brewed beer, handmade gin, home cooked food, borrowed plates, glass (no plastic) cups, diy bunting, and a cake baked as a wedding present!

With drinking, eating and being merry as the focus of their wedding, Sophie and Tim’s interiors featured reclaimed wood tables and benches, a huge dance floor, and enough fairy lights and uplighters to keep everyone dancing throughout the night. An incredibly personal wedding showcasing a wonder of talents and dedication to hand-making everything!


Reclaimed table and benches
Large Dance Floor
PA System
Timber Bar 6ft
External Fit Pit
Festoon Lit Entrance Walkway

 All photos used with kind permission of featured couples. All rights reserved.

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