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Booking an on site crew member allows you make last minute changes to the panels on your structure, respond in live time to your weather conditions, and make sure you’re as protected as you can be. 

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Relax - We've got this

Our On Site Crew Are There To Make Sure Your Event Runs Smothly

There when you need expert help

Onsite Crew For Fast Changing Conditions

We only send out our most experienced crew to support your event onsite. They are fully insured and self sufficient They are able to make some structural changes to the tent that you wouldn't be able to do yourself. They also give advice and guidance on areas that don't even concern the structures or facilities as they have seen their fair share of unique and interesting problems before.

Too hot? Too Cold?

By their very nature event conditions can change without much warning. Even with the best planning things can go wrong. Having one of our professional event crew onsite ensures that you have an expert ready to react to whatever conditions are put your way

Keep the fires going

A lot of events want to start the fires at a particular time, either leasing with your event planner or a family member our crew will make sure that your fires keep burning for as long as you have the wood to burn.

See our firepits

 Power to the people

Having to worry about your power dieing halfway through your event is not a great option. Our crew will; make sure it’s not over loaded, keep it topped up with fuel (if you’ve supplied extra) and depending on the time you’ve asked them to get there will start it up or shut it down for you.

heat it up or cool it down

It’s essential with outdoor events that your guests never notice the temperature being too much in either direction on the thermometer. If you have an indirect heater or air conditioner on your order the onsite crew member can start these at the appropriate time and also ensure they keep running smoothly all night.

Start the Band

When your band/DJ gets setup sometimes they have technical questions about the tent setup. Our event crew member can help them get setup before you can say Roxanne.

Ensure a happy Chef

Harder than it sounds 🙂 Catering tents are the source of nearly 70% of power failures at outdoor events. Our crew will keep a watchful eye on the supply and any other kitchen related technical questions.

Open or close an area

If your plans opening or closing a ‘zone’ then our crew member can make sure this goes off without a hitch, just talk to your event planner to make sure the plans can work first.

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Time on site

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